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bali. buying wood from little girls

So I wondered if Rhode Island is bigger then Bali or is it the other way around. Anyways, my dad went inside the shop but the ATMs were not working when my dad went to pull out some money, bummer. We went to buy wood from that little girl and when we got back into the car Mujamil was like "don't be buying wood from a little girl, why wood." It was really funny and it was funny to my mom that we got wood chips! And you probably didn't know this but our awesome driver Mujamil got us some snacks. Now, THAT'S a high quality driver. I think he got us two bags of corn chips and mentos and they were big bags too.



I knew it! Bali is bigger but it is really twice the size of road-island - never knew that. I  learn things every day but all we really did today was film that little girl. I am sitting here wondering why the B-Man liked the wood so much I'm going to ask. A-Man: "hey B-Man, why did you like the wood so much?" B-Man: "I think it was cool and I was going to do something with it but mom threw it away". We really didn't have that much room in our luggage so I think it was going to take up too much space in B-Man's backpack.

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