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bali vlog. morning at sanur beach a tribute to mount coconut

I think this day was awesome because it was the first time at a tropical beach! And it was fun, beaches are always fun! I think it was funny when we buried Ayden in the sand:). When he got up he had sand all over the back of head! We were hoping to play sandball ball but the sandball breaks into a million pieces in mid-air...bummer :(. Then when we started to make Mt.Coconut it kept falling apart:(. So we decided to move up shore but not too far because we still needed to be by the wet sand. I felt proud of myself when Mt.Coconut was finally finished and it looked awesome too :).



Well this was our first day at the beach and B-Man found a coconut so we went and made the coconut a home so the waves could't get him. A wave can't destroy a mountain so we made Mt Coconut but sand was our only natural resource. We thought of like rock ,paper, scissor but water beats sand so we failed the first try. So we moved it up the beach a bit. The next day we didn't see the mountain but we saw the coconut so I guess he survived, but I'm not really sure. He is a coconut so he really isn't alive but at the time i guess it was cool.

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