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bali. ancient balinese nachos & strong coffee

Our awesome driver Mujamil drove us to this good restaurant with a good chicken sandwich and godly nachos. I just wanted more of those nachos! And I thought it was funny when Mujamil was taking a video and my mom and dad posed for a picture :0! After that meal I was no longer starving. So I know my dad explained it to me but I still don't get how the chef people make so much gooey sludgey stuff at the bottom of the coffee cup I just don't know : /. Annnnnyway for US the meal would be kinda cheap but in Indonesia people would be like OMG THAT IS EXPENSIVE. Maybe not everybody because i'm sure there is lots of people that is richer than my dad in Indonesia.



Today dad just filmed us eating and for myself, those nachos where pretty good, though I had to pick the stuff out of my teeth because the meat was shredded. Another reason my nachos were so good was because I was so hungry. We were cleaning the whole morning because we were getting ready to move. Bali coffee, that stuff is something else - it is like ground up into atoms.  Just look at the sludge. If you know what Pokemon is, Bali coffee looks like the Pokemon Muk put a sludge bomb into the cup. I'm so exited for the beach that is so close to our Villa

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