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So I really like this place. My dad likes the other place more but I like this place more because I get to have my own little room. Do you remember that secret gate that led out of the balcony that I showed you? Well, the window that was next to it was Ayden's room and me and him played a little game. Here is how it goes: one of us goes out on the extended balcony and one of us goes in his room. The person in his room opens the window and lets the other person climb in. Then we just take turns until we are bored. Now you can try it out if you end up having a balcony like that :). I wish we stayed at that place on the small island because it had WAY better WIFI but I guess not cell service tho. I guess that's what you REALLY need when you have a phone : / .



Well our first Villa was pretty nice but for location I think the second one was better. I wonder what the balcony thing was for and we played up there. The game we played is in B-Man's comment. As far as WiFi goes, I think our next Villa is better. The walk to the beach with the new one makes it way BETTER!!! Overall I think both of them are the same rating building-wise. Also their is great restaurants only like 30 feet away and its only like a 3 min walk to the beach so you know why our next villa is like paradise. But...... the down side on the next Villa is that me and the B-Man don't do so well in the same room....all the time....if you know what I mean.

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