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bali - hunting for a villa. part 2

Uh.I guesssss you do find out what happens. Anyways, I liked it. It had a lot storage space in the cabinet BUT I like the one that we stayed at when we very first got here. That guy Wyan I think he is really cool. When he and my dad went to go and ask Taksu Hotel if we can use some of they're WIFI I thought it was funny when Wyan said "you put your hands on my body man!" It was a bummer when they didn't let us use some of their WIFI. And those beds will be the last beds we'll sleep in in Bali, unless we go to another island that is considered Bali.



We finally found a Vila and and we wanted good WiFi because we would spend so much on sim cards that we needed good WiFi but speedy was not so speedy. Dad went on a WiFi hunt but it did not come out like we wanted. We only had to spend 8M so we didn't use speedy but the whole video was not all about WiFi. One thing that is strange is that my dad thinks he is a Balinese and the locals don't think so. In total, that Vila was about $600 for a month so I think that was a good deal.

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