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bali - hunting for a villa. part 1

So like my dad, I did not really like the the first two villas because they just looked too dirty. I could not stand living in there for a month.The uber driver was really nice. I really liked him. The 3rd and 4th villas looked nice but we did not look inside so we don't know. BUT the 5th one was the best of all of them it was not dirty like the first two. I could live in it. Oh but you guys did not see all of it. I am sorry about that. The video was just getting too long.Speaking of long this is getting too long!



Well we didn't have a home to stay in but we did not go to We went around asking people and after 4 visits to the houses we finally found one. I guess that WiFi was important but it was a great excuse for those houses that aint good. Finally one that we found was up to our expectations and it had a pool but the pool wasn't really that big and that is why we really never took a video about it. Me and Bastian had to share a room so it really didn't work out so much but we pushed though it with a lot of fights.

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