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Boo hoo hoo we are leaving Bali to go to Kuala Lumpur.  It is kinda sad but the thing that is making it not sad is Kuala Lumpur has way, way better WIFI, and Bali not so good WIFI. Also, I just was really excited. I am always excited when we go to another country and when it has good WIFI so I can actually watch a YouTube video without having a bunch of lag. These things my mom and dad are saying are true. I was watching from my room when they said the villa guys put out some offerings on me and Ayden's porch to protect us from evil spirits and I looked on my and Ayden's porch and there was one of the offerings. I was there when they said there is a lot of kites and I looked up and I also saw some kites so if ya'll like "oh I don't believe them" you should not think that because this is real stuff ya'll!



Well, today is the last day in Bali :( and a lot of stuff I will miss and some I won't. I'll miss the beach, but I won't miss the taxi drivers, and if we stayed there any longer than one month I would've never wanted to leave. The food there is awesome. Man just thinking about there food is making my mouth water. l'll miss surfing; I really want to do it again whenever we have the chance. A dollar goes really far in Indonesia and why do you go to KFC when the locals make like the best chicken ever? The traffic here is so crazy! If someone saw someone on a motorcycle without a helmet where we used to live they would go to jail ........................I think.

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