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bali. garuda wisnu kencana park

My dad is always funny because he says funny stuff and says I said it and I shake my head no and my "no" head shake is saying "uh no dad, that did not happen." Another thing he does is saying I have to pay for stuff but he is the one with dat money! Those guys playing the uh..., I really don't know what that instrument they were playing, but it was groovin! The carvings were really cool but the story was better. I really like stories that are from back then in any shape or size and I like them because I like to learn about history and the stories are interesting. Garuda and Vishnu were cool and it felt like Vishnu was going to fall on me when I was standing next to him but not Garuda because he was smaller than Vishnu. Ayden tried to climb the rock in flip-flops and with no rope. That boy tries to find something to climb everywhere!



Today was really cool, we got to go to a cultural park,  I think you call it.  I'm going to ask my mom. Me: "Is guruda Vishnu a cultural park" Mom: "let my look it up ............ yep it is." So it is a cultural park and when I grow up I want to bring my kids there and see it finished. I wonder how long it will take those guys that were setting up for that UK thing? I wonder if DanTDM went there? If you don't know who he is, he is a really cool YouTuber and he does a lot of gaming. He probably didn't because he would've filmed it?

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