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bali. good cheap eats. sanur night market

When we got to the night market and got smoothies I got strawberry and my dad got something called soursop. I liked strawberry as my favorite fruit of all until now. Now my favorite fruit is SOURSOP! It is really good and juicy. If you have not tried some yet, you should. If you can't find it then I just say look again and if you STILL can't find it all I can say is that you are missing out on the yummyness! That baby shark song is one of my favorite song because it is groovin :) .That noodle guy you saw, I wanted some of dat but we found a even better noodle place later. So Ayden and my dad got some chicken with rice and when they got it, it looked really good! *Sigh* I always underestimate chicken and rice. That sweet we got looked so good my mouth was watering and when I tasted it......IT WAS SO GOOD it was like melting in my mouth



Wow, that night was so crazy and really cool. Even though I didn't like my smoothie, I still love the Sunur night market. Tthe food was so awesome and a really good price. If you're reading this, you have to go there, and it's like hitting two birds with one stone. Really cheap and very good food. That sweet that we had was so good I call it sweetalicious!  How they made, it was cool too. They were like pros at making them, and you can tell that they have been doing them for a long time to get so skilled. That baby shark song thing got really annoying after a while though.

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