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bali. tegallalang rice terraces

When my dad went to buy some mangosteen I was very happy because I really like mangosteen. The street vendors around the area were charging a lot so I was not going to push it but we actually got some and I got satisfied with mangosteen! It is funny that Ayden just want to go go go. He wants to get things done and I just take my time because i'm just easy going. I really like the rice terraces because it was like a maze. I like mazes because I like a challenge sometimes and it is a great exercise. It was nice when my dad got us some ice cream because he usually does not and it was good ice cream too.



Well the mangosteen was amazing. The rice fields were awesome and the internal struggle is real, it did feel like 5 hours. I even chased chickens while I waited. The drone shots were awesome and you can see how freaking big those rice fields are and how much work they put into to them. They are just so cool. Imagine how much rice comes from all those fields. The ice cream was really good.

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