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bali. mount batur volcano in kintamani

When you are the only tourist- you will be bombarded by touts- oh well. 

When you go on a hike to Mount Batur, you have to take a local guide. The only guide available to go was charging too much to just go to the foot of the mountain. 

The buffet we went to was ok, considering it was a buffet. Unfortunately, it was the most expensive meal we had while we were in Bali.

So we went to Mt Batur hoping that we could climb it but the tour guide charged us too much so we did not go but I really really wanted to because it looked like a nice easy hike, but it just costs too much. We got surrounded by vendors so quickly. There was this one vendor that kept trying and trying and I was thinking that if someone says no to you like 100 times, why are you keep asking? I was trying to get my dads aytention because I found a dead fish but Ayden got his attention first because he found another dead fish so I was like in my mind, "oh c'mon I tried to get his attention first," but Ayden got it. That buffet had some really good food and the tea was good too .And there was a mystery pincher that pinched me and Ayden.



We went to the parking lot to see Lake Batur and Mt Batur and see maybe about hiking up but we got surrounded by people that wanted to sell to us. That lady just wanted us to buy something but we said no like 42 times. I'm like we already said no but i get that she wanted to get money and she tried her best I do give her that. That guy that wanted to tour us said 350,000 for 1 of us and all of us would be over 100 dollars!!!!!!!!! In the states it would be free but that over the top buffet had amazing food and in the states that would be a great price. Did you really have pinch me random guy ............................................really!?!?

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