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Things to do in Bali Indonesia. 2019

bali. 1st day

So Ayden was starving like starving starving. When we went to the restaurant he was satisfied and it was yum yum! We went to the beach there was a stone pathway that went out into the ocean not very far but it was still cool. There was a cool breeze and the sand was really soft and the meals are really cheap because USD is a lot more valuable then rupiah. So 1 dollar is about 10,000 rupiah .And today my dad did not get in the wrong side of the car!



Yeah I was starving and you might know why because after the last plane ride we had nothing to eat. We had one meal and that was so little so I was really hungry and for some reason walking around in circles help. I don't know why but it did. Plus the driver took so long well for me because i was so hungry. When we went to the restaurant I felt I didn't have anything in my tummy so we had to get appetizers. At the end I was stuffed and showing that one guy the camera was really cool to him because he had never seen something like that.

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