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super rare tropical fruit. we found it in bali...finally!!!

It is the day we try the coconut sponge! My dad has been waiting for so so long to try this coconut sponge and then out of a blue, our awesome copilot driver got us some from his house. He is so so awesome because the coconut sponge was really good and watery. That would make a great snack if you were thirsty and hungry my dad said and I agree with him. I wish that I could have a coconut sponge every day it is so good! We thought we are supposed to just eat all the white stuff but you are not supposed to. You are supposed to just eat the inside of it and if you do eat all the white stuff it tastes like soap and tastes so so gross!



Nusa Penida is like the best place in the world for visiting. Great sights, awesome food, amazing prices and the great adventures. So if your ever in Bali go to Nusa Penida. To top all of that we finely got the coconut sponge and in was really good. The trip back to Bali was a lot better because we were in the back so we got some fresh air and I tried to go to sleep but it didn't really work so I just relaxed because I was so tried. Just like what dad said "if the Aman is tired that means it was a action packed two days."

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