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nusa penida. the best beach in bali

We are going to Kelingking Beach. This time we are not doing scooters because me and mom did not want to because it hurt our butts and I could not really walk without limping. When we got to Kelingking the whole thing looks like a big hand that is going to eat you. I wonder how that was formed? Going down the trail was harder than I thought but it was fun. After the first part it got more easy and it is funny that Ayden is always in front and I am always in the back. Those waves they were SUPER strong we got knocked over by them. There is no other kids down at Kelingking because they think it looks to hard but we Jones boys are brave and tough so we did it :)! So everything was great except the naked people. Just why people? I don't understand you!



Today was the day we went on the trail and it was awesome. It definitely got my climbing fix in and I got bullied by the waves and I got sand in my pants. When we were coming up so it was pretty unconformable. Those drone shots are just something else.  We din't film this but I carved some sand that was in a big group I was trying to make myself a tunnel but it failed so I made it so I sat in it and when the tide went back it was so strong that it pulled me with it.  And why did people have to be naked........ just why??????

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