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nusa penida. the #1 place to see in bali

We are going to Nusa Penida but my dad always says Nusa Pedina and it is kinda funny. I think the boat was fun but I got sea sick so we had to go to the back of the boat. So we thought we were just going to walk to the hotel but our hotel found us and we got a car there instead. I was like how, how did they find us? It was crazy. We got some scooters and I thought that it was cool because it was my very first time on one. We ran out of gas so we had to send dad to get some gas because he had a little bit more gas left in his tank. That guardian of the cliff side was funny.



Well today were taking a vacation on our vacation and it is mom and dad's anniversary. They have been married for 13 years and the boat ride we toke felt like 653652763584856438 years. I almost got sea sick and we had to it the way back too. Just too much boat. Angel Billabong was so cool. There was a big foot print,  it was at 10:15 in the video. What if the angel stepped in the rock and made that footprint there? That was the first time I was on a scooter :) and that was the first time I was stranded on the side on the rode like that too :(

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