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babi guling in bali, taxi mafia

So we are going to get some babi guling and we are going to get honked at a lot. We stopped to get some coffee for my mom and dad and this is the place where they like to get coffee all the time because it is very close and they like the coffee they make. One thing that I do not like about Bali is that there is a taxi mafia and it is very strong in Bali so some places in Bali are dangerous for UBER and Grab and they won't come if they see we are in a bad spot. Oh man the Babi Guling place was closed so that was a bummer. Then we found another one that was way closer to our villa.



Look, taxi drivers will honk at you when you are already going somewhere and they're really saying "jump in my car and I'll bring you somewhere and rip you off." Really taxi drivers?  Really? They could be a little nicer. Man that guy that said ''you need to pay'' really had no people going his car and he just made it so no one wants to go in his car again. So it sucks to be a taxi driver but Blue Bird taxi doesn't suck, it is pretty good and that is why Blue Bird drivers are nice. Some of the other taxis cars are so dirty.  The babi guling was good and I would never think I would like blood sausage.

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