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So we are trying some fresh durian for the first time. I did NOT like it at all. It was so so gross and I never ever want to try it ever again! Ayden said it was strange my mom liked it my dad liked it but I was the only one that did not like it. Maybe someday my taste buds will change and I will like durian but I'm afraid it is just not the time. Then when we got to the stall it had lots of fruit but there was a lot of durian and of course we got some more durian. It made the car smell so so bad. I was so happy when we got out of the car. I think it is cool that they name people in which order they were born and it is only a Bali thing to! That parrot was super funny!



Now I think about it, that durian was expensive at that supermarket but dad found that durian place that sells it for a 3rd of the price and in dad's opinion, he thought it was better so the market was a rip off. We got some jackfruit and it was awesome but its not the best fruit. Well, that is true in in mom's mind. At first, I never knew that durian or jackfruit existed. I thought that Bman would like the durian but he didn't and I never thought durian would taste like that. I don't want to try the durian king - musang king, a durian that is very rare and oniony

Guest Blog Spot

Amy Chung

Durian is known as the king of all fruits. Having grown up with this pungent fruit, it was always something I ate and it wasn’t until I started living overseas did I realize how divisive it was. You’re either on the “best fruit ever discovered” camp or the “are you kidding me this is the worse fruit ever” camp. Once described by an English author that it resembled “eating custard in the toilet”, it’s hard to convince first-timers to even try it.

The hard exterior of the fruit has literally killed people. Imagine being unfortunate enough to be under the tree and this thorny fruit of considerable weight flying down at full speed. There is an art in opening durian which in my day consisted of old newspapers so that the odor didn’t permeate the floor and a large cleaver to hack through durian and expertly cracking it open. Housed in segments, the creamy yellowy flesh is the sweetest thing you can eat. Don’t have too much too fast as it will give you indigestion. We were also warned never to drink alcohol whilst eating durian as it would make you sick. The seed of the durian is also often also consumed. Known as chempedak, you boil it to soften the seed and is used in curries or dipped in batter and deep-fried.


At around AUD$35.00 per kg with an average weight of 3kg, the king of all fruit it certainly is!


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