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bali. our super cheap $299 a month villas

We are back with Wyan and we are moving into our new villa. So when Wyan was counting the money I was checking out the villa and I realized that the bed was not very comfy. So I just said to my self that I should just deal with it. Me and Ayden got our own place which I personally don't like but I just got used to it over time. We got to be with our great friend Mujamil. I wish he could come with us on our trips but he has to stay in Bali to work for UBER and live his own life. I guess my mom and dad like their bed. My dad said we were going to love it but I did not really love it. I really, really wish we stayed at our first one! The only thing I liked better was the bathroom but that is it. At night me and Ayden caught frogs and I once caught a super super small one it was as small as your big toe!



We are finally moving!!!!!!! We have been at the other villa for 2 nights and we have be pack all day. I can't wait to go to the beach. When I wake up I'm going to the beach but first we have to eat breakfast and so I won't go right to the beach but I'm exited. Those drone shots were beautiful and I saw the beach, so now I know what the beach will look like. The only down side is the one bed for both of us and there is lots of fights like fighting over the blanket and choosing the side of the bed we want. The thing is we don't film that stuff.

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