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bali. ubud monkey forest

I think Ayden is not scared of monkeys. I think he is just faking it but I don't know why hhhhmmm :-/. I think monkeys are funny and cute and fun to watch. I think that animals are just so fascinating. One funny thing that happened is when a monkey grabbed my shirt! But ohhh man those monkeys sometimes they are sneaky little guys. Who knows when they will take over the world with their master plan but I doubt that will happen. At the ravine thingy I thought it was cool that the people made a stone bridge across the ravine onto the not eroded parts. There is SO much tourists here. I knew that there would be like 50 but there is like 150! That monkey forest keeper guy told us some very cool things to know. Also those carving guys were cool and they have to hit it just right with the right amount of force or else they will mess up or break it and have to start all over again. That would be a bummer. The carvings were really really cool and I wish I could do it to but I would probably mess them up. They would not let me do it unless I went through carving classes.



I was so scared and I wanted to leave right then and there but i had to stay there. Dad tried to scare me once and one time I almost lost my balance. The monkeys like bananas, so I'll eat all the bananas in the world muah ha ha ha ha ha then they will be scared of me. Well you just met my crazy side so I will try not to that again. The sidewalk was crazy too and the monkeys climbed up a man to get bananas. If a monkey did that to me I would freak out and go running.

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