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bali bird park staring contest

So we are back with our awesome driver Mugamil and we are going on an adventure at the Bali bird park! It does cost a lot but we did it and the manager has to make his money. When we got inside the bird park and got to hold the birds I thought that was really cool because I have never done that before the only other time I got to touch a bird is when I was a little boy and here is how it went: I was chasing a really fat bird and I slowly gained on him and I bent down and got him and why he did not fly away is because he was fat and I guess he was too heavy and it is hard for him to fly.



I wonder if I touched that bird, if it would bite me and I wonder what that kid was freaking out about? Now that I'm thinking about it, $80 doesn't really fit.  It was cool and all but I think its a little over-priced. It was still so cool and maybe B-man is right about dad being scared of birds because the second time Bman asked,  dad, changed the subject as soon as he could. In the staring competition, the bird blinked right away after we started it so that is why I was speechless. My favorite was the owl house but my favorite birds are chimney swifts.

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