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tanah lot, bali - temple on the rock. guys w/big sticks

When we went to that restaurant the view was great from the sidewalk........ but when we got to the overhang was scary! I felt like the wood would break and we would fall through.............seriously. Anyways, the food was really good my dad got us sodas but he usually does not so that was very nice of him. When we went driving down that street there was like 30 Durian stalls. And if ya'll thinkin' ''did they buy one?'' ''did they buy one?" Yep, we bought one! It made a horrible smell in the car I was so so glad when it got out of the car! When we arrived at Tanah Lot Temple it was cooler than I thought. We found out that most of its rock is man made so the rocks that looked like poop were not real. When we got blessed and went up the stairs there was not really anything up there but maybe I am missing something HHHHHMMMMMM I really do not know.



Well I really didn't think of putting this in but I did, my new favorite soda is Fanta. That was not the only thing, our meal was great, the mie goreng was really good and the view was awesome.  We had durian in the car during that drive and it was soooooo stinky I had to hold my breath. The temple was so beautiful and there was some many people there. I saw some kids in the temple because they were praying up there. I could never tell that 1/3 of the temple was fake rock. We didn't film this, so I'm going to tell you, there was a fish i was trying to take a picture of a fish but it just won't let me do it. I finally got a picture but it was blurry so i'm like "I'm going away."

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