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bali vlog. komodo dragons & ancient temples

That drone shot of the rice field was BEAUTIFUL. If you didn't like THAT, you're crazy. Mujamil is like our personal driver now. For a kid, it would be SO fun to go running through those rice fields. When we got inside the Mengwi temple it was so cool. The coolest things were the kitty in the temple and the Komodo dragon but mostly the kitty in the temple. I love kitties! At the lake, it had a great view and I got a lot of great pictures like a boat. I EVEN TOOK A SELFIE WITH THE TREE. That must be the most important thing today JK JK. And we learned that Muslims pray 5 times a day and one of them is at 4:30 and it was about that time so it must have been that one.



Those drone shots were beautiful and the music was on track too. Why you didn't see me in that shot was because I was in that car eating some snacks. The cock fight was just wow. I would not want to go to see that gruesome game. Just seeing chicken's heads being cut off is enough. Besides the chicken fight the king built this temple just for his family. He's a pretty nice guy if I say so myself. I wonder how much money it took to make it. The downside is the the glare of the sun was blocking my camera shots so i tried to put my hand over the camera so i could get a better shot. There was a kitty in the temple but i didn't see it and those loud things were not cicadas they were crickets. I never knew that the king was the inventor of the nachos ;). I was trying to get a picture of the mountain by the lake but it was so far away so I climbed up into the tree and tried to get a better picture. Also, there were vendors nearby where I got my cool bracelet.

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