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33 hours from st louis to bali

OMG did you see the ceiling of the Atlanta airport? I wonder when they are going to fix it? Did you see the elevator we went on? I totally forgot we went on one. I thought it was only escalators. And on that plane to Bali IT WAS THE BEST PLANE EVER because it had a game controller and they served us JELLO. At the Bali airport my dad almost got in the driver side because he is used to getting in right side which is passenger in the US but driver in Bali. Once we got to our villa we were super tired if you thought we had great sleep WE DID.



Well the trip on the plane was horrendous and I really never want to do it again but we might just need to. It just had no room but the last one was good because we got to sit together and there was so much space!! I remember being so tried and I had to use all my muscles to carry all my stuff and I could not go to sleep because we were chasing the sun the whole time and my body would not let me go to sleep and do remember being so anxious to get in the villa.

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